Business administration specialist superbadge Challenge #2 Ada Balewa issue

There were a series of errors, I got when i was working on the super-badge business administration specialist challenge #2. Some of them being, 'User Ada Balewa doesn't exist', 'Incorrect profile or licence for user' etc.

Some of the things to consider while taking up this challenge is:

  1. The name (First name and Last name) should be entered correct.

  2. The license in Chatter Free and profile Chatter Moderator User. Note: If you chose a upper licence before and saved, when you edit, you will not get the Chatter free option. The way to resolve is to deactivate the user and create a new one with the correct licence.

  3. Make user to be active.

However, even after doing all these setups correct, it didn't work for me. The issue was resolved when i changed by language and locale to English.

So, please make sure the company settings as well as the administrator setting of language and locale are both English before taking up this challenge!

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