OpenJDK8 trustAnchor paramerer must be non empty (unable to connect to repository on eclipse)

Recently I was installing JDK8 (OpenJDK) and eclipse and ran in to few issues. I installed OpenJDK 8 (32 bit) and eclipse Neon successfully but when I was trying to install a plugIn, I kept getting the error "Unable to connect to repository.......". I was not able to connect to the eclipse marketplace as well. This blog is on how to resolve it.


Initially, I thought it must be an eclipse issue, but it wasn't! When I saw the error log, it mentioned the trustAnchor parameter was missing! And then after looking for a possible reason on google for a very long time and trying different things, I realized the issue was missing cacerts file in the jdk8 that I had installed in my system! This file is used to authenticate servers. It was a bug that the file was completely missing in the JDK package.


I resolved the issue by uninstalling jdk from my system and installing the one which had the cacerts file in jre/lib/security. I used the following link to download which fixed the issue and I was able to connect and install plugins. 


Hope this helps!



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